Sunday, September 26, 2010

Something that Makes Me Cry

What doesn't make me cry?  I'm so tenderhearted! 

Singing Holy, Holy, Holy at church makes me cry in a good way.

Remembering the day Brandon died and how I hurt for Susan, still makes me cry.

Seeing strays on the side of the road, knowing I can't help them.  I want to rescue every stray dog I see.  One day, I hope to have a shelter for rescued dogs where they can live happily ever after.

Being ignored makes me cry.

I hate not knowing if I really mean anything to someone I care deeply for.  That makes me cry.


Kathi said...

Its so crazy that we both want to save animals. :)
Maybe when I win the lotto.

Whitney said...

Everything makes me cry, too. I'm a cryer. It's just reality.